Pfew! What a hectic week! I’ve been working very hard on my essays and even had time to read a wonderful short book by Tom Wright called “Scripture and the Authority of God”. I also interviewed about 10 more people (in addition to the 7 Oxfordians last Monday) who want to come to China in the summer. Everyone was so good, I want to take them all but alas some won’t be able to go 🙁

Valentines day

Happy Valentines day everyone…

Have just been working most of the day. I went to Jesus’ chapel in the evening to hear Patrick speak, and we then went back to his place, had salmon, rice and brocalii and then studied some writing by St. Athenasius about the incarnation. I came home and then Ruth came round after the HT Risk Living group. She gave me a lovely card and a wonderful picture which she painted this weekend. I’ve put a (very bad) photo of it up. What a talented girlfriend I have!