So my three years in Cambridge are finally up – they’ve gone by so very quickly. Anyway, I spent today graduating which was quite good fun. The Thursday night we had a graduation dinner which was probably the best meal I’ve ever had in college, also just about the only meal that was free during my time in Cambridge. There were quite a few courses and there was of course much wine etc, but the best thing was being able to catch up with everyone again – this year has been quite a manic rush to get work done and so I’ve not really had enough time to see anyone until this past week, which has been a manic rush to see everyone whom i’ve ever known during my time at university.

Graduation itself was quite a strange experience. We had to dress up in lots of layers and then ponce around cambridge for a while. The weather was very hot (about 25 or 30 degrees) and under the 4 or so layers I had to wear it was swealtering! The ceremony itself was all in Latin so all you had to do was to stand at the back and wait until your name was called, then head up to the front, hold the Master’s hands while she said something else in Latin, followed by a quick ‘well done’ and then be bundled out of the rear exit and given a piece of paper saying you now have a degree from Cambridge. Strange to think that I was following in the footsteps of so many famous people who have gone through a similar ceremony in the past 800 years. Perhaps even stranger to think that I am now Mark Zealey BA(cantab), and if I stay out of prison for the next 10 terms I’ll be MA(cantab)…

Lots of Photos!

Wow it’s been another few busy weeks, but I’ve got lots of photos up in my gallery to show for it:

milton_park/ I’ve finally put some photos from our pre-exam walk around Milton Park up.
paris/ Lots more photos from Paris.
granchester_punting/ My family and Ruth punted to Grantchester
manhatten/ Photos from the Emmanuel college event (“Manhatten”)
last_night_on_earth/ Photos from the Sidney Sussex Mayball
botanical/ Photos from our expedition to the Cambridge Botanical Gardens