Let Zep, CCCF and Pictures

Let Zep! were amazing last night – two and a half hours of Zeppelin stuff, and performed really really well. It was quite funny, myself, Zishan and a few other guys were the only students there – the rest were 50 year-olds in leather jackets. My ears are still ringing, it was that good!

Today I met up with Lorna for half an hour, then had the Harry’s prayer meeting and worked for a bit and then met up with Cheng-shi for a bit. In the evening I went to CCCF and Bartow gave a really good talk on Matthew’s version of the rich young man. I also helped Lillian a bit with her essay and found out quite a lot about some of the Daoist philosophy in the process.

Over the past few days I’ve been noticing that the best way to explain something is through pictures. Perhaps not pictures drawn on canvas but pictures written with the pen. Perhaps it’s something to do with the brain having a good imagination and being able to see through the words to the picture they describe, but a written picture is much easier to remember than most other things for me. As well as this, it is much easier to describe to someone with limited English. I guess the description of the picture has a higher amount of redundant information, so even if you do not understand the full explanation of the picture, your mind will fill in the blanks and help you to understand the concept more fully. I remember Terry Pratchett writing something along the lines of “Humans can’t understand the big concept, so they come up with a nice picture to explain the concept. Then, because they understand the picture they think they understand the concept”. However, if you construct the picture correctly and remember that it is only an image and cannot be extrapolated too far, it is a very useful thing!


From Friends – rather sumarises the stupidity of the current Intellegant Design debate in America!

Ross: Some of these fossils are over 200m years old

Feebee: OK, look, before you start I’m not denying evolution, I’m just saying it’s one of the possibilities

Ross: It’s the only possibility Feebee

Feebee: Ok Ross, could you just open your mind like this much? Now, wasn’t there a time when the brightest minds in the world believed the earth was flat? And up until like 50 years ago you all thought the atom was the smallest thing until you like split it open and this whole mess of crap came out. Now, are you telling me that you are so unbelievably arrogant that you can’t admit that there’s a teeny, tiny possibility that you could be wrong about this?

General Randomness…

Sorry for no updates.. I’ve been busy writing an essay on Mark 1:4-15 which I’ve now put up on my website… I got rather involved in it and so it’s ended up being about 4300 words long! Oops.

Some highlights of the week: Tuesday evening I went out to formal with about 30 students from Eden. We all went back to Widge’s new room afterwards. On the way into the hall I heard one of the ‘bouncers’ say to the other “Oi Steve, why’s no-one bringing any wine in?”.

Saw Jens on Wednesday lunch, and met up with Liz, Lydia and Emma on Thursday lunch – I’ve not really seen any of them in far too long.

I met up with Cheng-shi, Rachel and Barney on Thursday afternoon to play badminton for a few hours. That evening, Tabs and myself went round to Liz’s and sat around chatting and messing around for quite a while. Unfortunately I had quite a bad headache which continued all through Friday so I just lay in bed all day reading and finishing my essay. I finished “Treasure Island” as well. At 9:30 in the evening, Ellie gave a wonderful concert with her Flute in the chapel, and Emma and some other people played in it as well. Went back to bed but couldn’t really sleep. Today I’m feeling much better though, which is nice!

Tomorrow evening I’ll be going to see Led Zeppelin tribute band Let Zep at the Junction with Zishan and quite a few other second years. Apparently they’re meant to be really good but I’ll tell you when I’ve heard them.

Also found this comparison of Why DNA is better than perl.

Revelation * 2

I’ve been working quite hard the past few days; just reading books about the history of the Jews around the age of Jesus, the Greek in Mark’s gospel and also some things for my dissertation. I also got a 1200 page Revelation commentary out of the Div-fac library today for ‘fun reading’.

Friday evening, we had Harry’s as usual and quite a few people came round to my room after the formal hall. Photos here.

On Saturday evening, I went round for a party at Ruth’s new place which is really nice. On Sunday, I went to church then had a few people round for lunch, and slept for the afternoon. Tonight (Monday) I went to Revelation Rock Gospel Choir, which was really good fun as it had been last year. I think I’ll carry on with it again this year.

Wallace and Grommit

Just got back from the new Wallace and Grommit film – lots of funny bits in it.

“I put this down to ars’n!” “Arson?” “Yeah, someone Arsin around!”

Not much else got done today apart from some reading. Met up with Liz and Emma for lunch at Pembroke; saw Felicity, David and Mary at WEPG and ran around various libraries and photocopying rooms doing stuff for my dissertation.