The past few days

So, I’m writing this on Friday night. Tomorrow I’ll be leaving for a few days in Oxford. It’s been quite a hectic few days. On Wednesday, I had some lectures and met up with Sue for lunch. I’d seen her quite a bit last year because she was virtually living in my flat, but I’d not really seen her at all this year. Was good to see what God had been doing in her life, and especially as she was in South Africa in the summer.

In the evening, we had the “grill-a-Christian” event in the bar, and I was on the panel. We had a lot of discussion about homosexuality, as seems the norm these days and I think we got a bit sidetracked by that rather than explaining the wonderful news of salvation for sinners no matter what we have done… One girl asked the homosexuality question about 5 times and each time we answered she said we were just reverting to the Bible rather than explaining our own views… It’s so hard when you realise what a mess this world is in and how, as Paul says at the beginning of Romans, people have become so corrupted they cannot even understand Christian values or morals…

On Thursday, I spent most of the day reading round Ruth’s for my next essay which is “How did belief in Jesus’ resurrection influence early Christology?”, which I’m really not sure about… I think the answer is basically “look at the whole of the NT – it wouldn’t have been written but for Jesus’ resurrection”…

Today, I didn’t feel particularly motivated and was rather tired so I did about 3 hours of reading and so on and then slept most of the rest of the day. I arose for a bit of Harry’s but then went round Ruth’s to do more reading.

I have been reading some big fat books by Tom Wright, and also one my supervisor recommended to me called “The Seven Pillories of Wisdom” which is all about false assumptions in current (New Testament) theology. I’d worked most of them out for myself, but it was good to have someone else express them and work through exactly why they are incorrect.

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