Spent a day doing some research. I’ve created a research page here so if you click on the research button on the side and then click on “Psalms of Solomon” you’ll be able to find links to various notes and other things which I’m working on at the moment, if you’re interested in that stuff. I’ll put the dissertation itself up there as well as it evolves.

I went to the doctor’s earlier today to get my arm dressing changed, which was quite a faff. To start off, I had to fill in several forms stating that I was temporally resident at home. Apparently they can’t work it so that I am resident in two places at once… Anyway after quite a bit of form filling (although not as much as in China, I’m sure) I finally went through to see the nurse. The wound seems to be healing quite well so she put some more antiseptic on and then put a plaster on. However, apparently today my arms are just not sticky. We tried holding the plaster down for about 5 minutes while blowing on it and so on (apparently heat makes it stick?!). Finally we gave up on that plaster and she got out what looked like a sheet of selotape and she said this was the stickiest plaster in the world or something, and that fell off. Finally she got another type of plaster and tried sticking it on. It didn’t stick but she just quickly put the tube-grip back on my arm and pushed me out of the door before it could fall off a third time. I wonder how I can get sticky arms…

Wendy and Darrel came this evening, we had dinner with them (after my mother forgot they were coming and had to cook a dinner at 5 minutes notice!) and then told them about China.

Heard that Lillian and Lindsey (from our China team) are coming over from the states during November! Yay – it will be good to see those guys again 🙂 Also got an invitation to my cousin Jonathan’s wedding in December – should be fun.

I’ve been very impressed with unison a tool which synchronises two trees of files – it seems to handle deletes and changes on both ends very well; I’ve been using in for the past few weeks to keep my laptop and home computer in sync and it really works – I was fearing I’d have to start running a SVN like subversion or CVS to keep my stuff in order.

Also started re-learning French, German and Greek grammer. I learnt the French verb conjugations in 7 tenses for the 3 standard types of verb because we were never really taught it properly in school; it was much easier than I remember it being. Also started reading Mark in Greek as it turns out I didn’t do well enough to be able to do the fun advanced Greek course next year so I have to do Mark’s gospel instead… Oh well.

Back home again

Had a wonderful night last night at Jesus college grad formal. The food seemed much nicer than normal formal and to cap it all we had a cheese course as well as pudding. The main course was salmon which apparently Patrick has been eating for the past week due to the “Buy 1 get 1 free” at Sainsburys. We lived the past few days on such offers which was one of the reasons I got through 15 chocolate-chip cookies yesterday… The other reason was that they were delicious.

Anyway, I’ve just got home and written a little bit of code to change the picture at the top of this page. There are now 5 different pictures that you could get, so keep hitting refresh until you’ve cycled through them all 🙂 I’ve also changed the layout of this website and put a few new pages up detailing some of my research and perhaps putting up some of my lecture notes etc..

Also, isn’t the internet amazing? My supervisor recommended a PhD thesis to me last night about the Psalms of Solomon, just giving me a title and an author. Using this I worked out it was written in Durham and checked the library up there to see if they had the book; which they did. They can’t lend it to the UL in Cambridge so I managed to find out that the author is now working in Hawaii. I went to that website, found his email address and he’s now sent me a copy of his 250 page PhD thesis over email… Amazing.

Work today

I’ve spent quite a productive day in the Divinity Faculty library with about 20 books trying to finalize what I’m going to be doing my dissertation on. I met up with my supervisor earlier and we decided to do it about the word group based on “righteous” in a set of Psalms written about 80-40BC and how the usage in that compares to that of Paul in the New Testament. I’ve got lots and lots of books out of the library to allow me to start work, including the latest critical edition of the text of the Psalms of Solomon which was published in 1895… Not much work has been done on this book of late!

Tonight, myself and Patrick will be going to grad hall at Jesus College which should be good fun. We met up with some people from Holy Trinity and Toby and studies 1 Peter today at lunch time in Greek which was quite scary because it reminded me how little Greek I know. Oh well! I should be coming home on Thursday but I’m not sure at what time.

Sausages and pseudepigraphical works

χα?ις π?ος τον βλογον Μα?κου

Decided to change my blog title to something a little more Biblical and Greek after Patrick’s influence of the last few days. We spent a while this evening looking at the league of reformed bloggers which is rather strange and in some places disturbing. One of the sites had a list of “‘Pelagian’ links” down the side including YWAM for example.

Last night we had Yumi over for some dinner which was really good fun. I made a stir-fry with anything we could find in sainsbury’s on special offer. Today we had sausages with some weird curry source and some weird brown rice. By lunchtime tomorrow myself and Patrick will have eaten 15 slices of ham and 8 large sausages each in the space of 24 hours.

I spent today in the library looking at various Jewish writings from between the end of the Old Testament and the beginning of the New to decide what to do my dissertation on. Probably something to do with some Psalms attributed to Solomon but written about 50bc, but hopefully I’ll work out what tomorrow or in the next few days. ttfn!

Back to Cambridge

Sorry for the general slowness of updates the past few days but I’ve not really been doing much of note. I’ve read a few Terry Pratchett books and I read a wonderful book by Tony Anthony called “Taming the Tiger”. Basically; he was a kung fu world champion but did some bad things and got put into a Turkish prison. While he was there, he came to know about Jesus and became a Christian and helped many other people in the prison become Christians too. After he got out he returned to England, but was put in prison again for accidentally killing a lady in a car crash. It’s good to see that he is honest about the things he still struggles with and about how life is not all roses when you’re a Christian. Not that other books hide that but they don’t tend to show it quite as well as he does.

On Saturday I went up to London to Ellie’s party. It was really good fun; the main party finished about 1am but we stayed up watching some films after that. I went to bed about 3:30am but some people stayed up until 5 or 6 I think. I went to her church in the morning which was the local Anglican church. It was really good to see the work it’s doing out there in London and it was a really nice service about how God will be challenging people who claim to be “religious” but aren’t following him (reading from John 3:1-16). After that, we had a BBQ in her garden with a few people who remained from the party and also her parents, and then I headed up to Cambridge to stay with Patrick. I went to Eden in the evening and it was another really good service.

Today I’ve started work on my dissertation reading. I’m still not too sure what I’ll be doing it on, however I think it might be something to do with looking at righteousness and justification in Paul and comparing it with its use in some literature written a bit before that in Greek. I’ll be staying up in Cambridge until Wednesday or Thursday, so if you’re in Cambridge at the moment and would like to see me just give me a ring or an email and we’ll see if we can meet up.


Had a wonderful time yesterday afternoon cycling around Greenham Common with Jim. It’s such a large place – used to be a US airforce base until the troops left in the early 90’s and since then it’s been demolished and they’ve put in nature reserves and gravel footpaths. We had a nice long cycle around the place on our mountain bikes just playing around on the piles of gravel and things like that and stopping every few minutes to have a chat or change bikes.

Anyway, I was riding Jim’s bike on the way back to the car and I’m not too sure what happened, but I must have touched one of the breaks (on his bike they bite a lot more than on mine) and this caused the bike to stop with me carrying on going forwards. I flew over the handlebars, and fortunately put my hands out as I skidded a few meters along the gravel (last time Jim did this he didn’t put his hands out and ended up with gashes all down his chin). I cut my right elbow quite deeply, bashed my left wrist so I can’t really use it at the moment and have minor cuts on all my other limbs but other than that I’m fine. I managed to cycle the mile back to the car and drive the few miles back to the house. When my mother saw my right elbow she fainted and wanted to take me to the hospital/doctors but I just picked the bits of gravel out and we bandaged it ourselves. Oh well it was good fun biking while it lasted.