Research and other fun

I’ve spent today actually getting down to doing research. I’ve done my notes upto Pss14 now and I guess I”ll write the introduction to my dissertation in the next few days. I’ve learnt a lot by reading the Psalms of Solomon which I think helps to understand the New Testament (and the Old) better.

I had a play with kmymoney2 and it’s been vastly improved since I last used it. It can now download stock and share prices from the internet and update all that stuff automatically and I’ve also written some scripts to make it download my bank account statements from the bank websites and import them into it automatically.

Still not much remarkable happening but I’m sure that will start when I go back to uni in 10 days! Can’t wait to see everyone again, especially the ISEC peeps!

Avoiding work…

I’ve spent the past few days trying to avoid work when I really should be doing my dissertation. I’ve managed to do a few hours today but not as much as I really ought to do. Oh well!

I’ve read a few more books in the past few days, and yesterday I went to church in the evening and saw lots of the former youth group. We all went to the pub afterwards and had some fun there. I went to the surgery again today and yet again the plaster didn’t stick. She just shoved the tubey grip over it so quickly that it didn’t have a chance to fall off. I’ve also been trying to get my Barclays account to work on the internet and failed to apply for a nationwide account. Why can’t banks get ever get their websites to do even the simplest of tasks? It really isn’t hard and I could do it for very reasonable rates…


Spent a day doing some research. I’ve created a research page here so if you click on the research button on the side and then click on “Psalms of Solomon” you’ll be able to find links to various notes and other things which I’m working on at the moment, if you’re interested in that stuff. I’ll put the dissertation itself up there as well as it evolves.

I went to the doctor’s earlier today to get my arm dressing changed, which was quite a faff. To start off, I had to fill in several forms stating that I was temporally resident at home. Apparently they can’t work it so that I am resident in two places at once… Anyway after quite a bit of form filling (although not as much as in China, I’m sure) I finally went through to see the nurse. The wound seems to be healing quite well so she put some more antiseptic on and then put a plaster on. However, apparently today my arms are just not sticky. We tried holding the plaster down for about 5 minutes while blowing on it and so on (apparently heat makes it stick?!). Finally we gave up on that plaster and she got out what looked like a sheet of selotape and she said this was the stickiest plaster in the world or something, and that fell off. Finally she got another type of plaster and tried sticking it on. It didn’t stick but she just quickly put the tube-grip back on my arm and pushed me out of the door before it could fall off a third time. I wonder how I can get sticky arms…

Wendy and Darrel came this evening, we had dinner with them (after my mother forgot they were coming and had to cook a dinner at 5 minutes notice!) and then told them about China.

Heard that Lillian and Lindsey (from our China team) are coming over from the states during November! Yay – it will be good to see those guys again 🙂 Also got an invitation to my cousin Jonathan’s wedding in December – should be fun.

I’ve been very impressed with unison a tool which synchronises two trees of files – it seems to handle deletes and changes on both ends very well; I’ve been using in for the past few weeks to keep my laptop and home computer in sync and it really works – I was fearing I’d have to start running a SVN like subversion or CVS to keep my stuff in order.

Also started re-learning French, German and Greek grammer. I learnt the French verb conjugations in 7 tenses for the 3 standard types of verb because we were never really taught it properly in school; it was much easier than I remember it being. Also started reading Mark in Greek as it turns out I didn’t do well enough to be able to do the fun advanced Greek course next year so I have to do Mark’s gospel instead… Oh well.

Back home again

Had a wonderful night last night at Jesus college grad formal. The food seemed much nicer than normal formal and to cap it all we had a cheese course as well as pudding. The main course was salmon which apparently Patrick has been eating for the past week due to the “Buy 1 get 1 free” at Sainsburys. We lived the past few days on such offers which was one of the reasons I got through 15 chocolate-chip cookies yesterday… The other reason was that they were delicious.

Anyway, I’ve just got home and written a little bit of code to change the picture at the top of this page. There are now 5 different pictures that you could get, so keep hitting refresh until you’ve cycled through them all 🙂 I’ve also changed the layout of this website and put a few new pages up detailing some of my research and perhaps putting up some of my lecture notes etc..

Also, isn’t the internet amazing? My supervisor recommended a PhD thesis to me last night about the Psalms of Solomon, just giving me a title and an author. Using this I worked out it was written in Durham and checked the library up there to see if they had the book; which they did. They can’t lend it to the UL in Cambridge so I managed to find out that the author is now working in Hawaii. I went to that website, found his email address and he’s now sent me a copy of his 250 page PhD thesis over email… Amazing.