Some new piccies

I’ve finished a few more panoramas today – these ones were from Shanghai. They’re up in the gallery. I will write a howto soon because I’ve discovered a lot particularly in the way of getting rid of half-cars and boats and avoiding obvious edges. I was also messing around with some of the effects plugins for the gimp and made a photo of Tom… Go and have a look 🙂

I’ve also written an article about some of my experiences in China.

Killer dolphins on the loose…

A very scary story for divers in the Guardian today – killer dolphins have been released. Also found a story on the BBC about a typhoon hitting Hainan (Hainan was the island where we stayed for debriefing!).

In other news, I went to the dentists this morning for a checkup – he spent about 2 seconds looking at my teeth and then said ‘see you next year’… How easy it is to be a dentist!

Yesterday not much exicitment happened although Helen gave a very good talk on 1 Corinthians 7 all about sex, relationships and marriage. Went down the pub with the Emmaus group after church – was good to see all of those guys again.