Sausages and pseudepigraphical works

χα?ις π?ος τον βλογον Μα?κου

Decided to change my blog title to something a little more Biblical and Greek after Patrick’s influence of the last few days. We spent a while this evening looking at the league of reformed bloggers which is rather strange and in some places disturbing. One of the sites had a list of “‘Pelagian’ links” down the side including YWAM for example.

Last night we had Yumi over for some dinner which was really good fun. I made a stir-fry with anything we could find in sainsbury’s on special offer. Today we had sausages with some weird curry source and some weird brown rice. By lunchtime tomorrow myself and Patrick will have eaten 15 slices of ham and 8 large sausages each in the space of 24 hours.

I spent today in the library looking at various Jewish writings from between the end of the Old Testament and the beginning of the New to decide what to do my dissertation on. Probably something to do with some Psalms attributed to Solomon but written about 50bc, but hopefully I’ll work out what tomorrow or in the next few days. ttfn!

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