Back to Cambridge

Sorry for the general slowness of updates the past few days but I’ve not really been doing much of note. I’ve read a few Terry Pratchett books and I read a wonderful book by Tony Anthony called “Taming the Tiger”. Basically; he was a kung fu world champion but did some bad things and got put into a Turkish prison. While he was there, he came to know about Jesus and became a Christian and helped many other people in the prison become Christians too. After he got out he returned to England, but was put in prison again for accidentally killing a lady in a car crash. It’s good to see that he is honest about the things he still struggles with and about how life is not all roses when you’re a Christian. Not that other books hide that but they don’t tend to show it quite as well as he does.

On Saturday I went up to London to Ellie’s party. It was really good fun; the main party finished about 1am but we stayed up watching some films after that. I went to bed about 3:30am but some people stayed up until 5 or 6 I think. I went to her church in the morning which was the local Anglican church. It was really good to see the work it’s doing out there in London and it was a really nice service about how God will be challenging people who claim to be “religious” but aren’t following him (reading from John 3:1-16). After that, we had a BBQ in her garden with a few people who remained from the party and also her parents, and then I headed up to Cambridge to stay with Patrick. I went to Eden in the evening and it was another really good service.

Today I’ve started work on my dissertation reading. I’m still not too sure what I’ll be doing it on, however I think it might be something to do with looking at righteousness and justification in Paul and comparing it with its use in some literature written a bit before that in Greek. I’ll be staying up in Cambridge until Wednesday or Thursday, so if you’re in Cambridge at the moment and would like to see me just give me a ring or an email and we’ll see if we can meet up.