Reading, hacking, sleeping

Again a rather boring few days although I’ve been doing some interesting stuff. Read “Chasing the Dragon” which is a really awesome book about a Christian working with druggies in Hong Kong – a really recommended read. I’ve also just started re-reading “The fifth elephant” by Pratchett as I’ve not read anything by him in a while and I just love his books.

I also started writing a program to keep a list of friends I really ought to write a letter or email to – it stores a list of them and the last time I sent them something and the last time I received something from them and tells me who I should write to. Development with KDE is really easy and because of kabc I can integrate it with the photos and so on stored in the address book so the infomation retrieval is very simple… I’m actually starting to like C++ which is a very scary thought.

I spent yesterday fixing problems with the cluster at home. I built this last year and it worked reasonably throughout the year but broke recently. I’ve got dhcp with failover and dynamic dns updating running, and also failover samba, ldap syncing across the network and fixed a problem with zope that I couldn’t figure out last summer. Also been trying to fix some problems with drbd clustered disks. I found a really great tool for syncing my laptop to my computer called unison which seems to work very well. I’m always impressed by how easy it is to do such powerful things for free with linux. Now to start work on the office cluster I suppose.

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