Computers and parties

Had a nice day today. On Monday I’d booked another appointment for Wednesday on the instructions of the nurse. The conversation went something like “I’ve been told to get another appointment for the nurse on Wednesday” “Ok, is 9am ok?” “Yes” “OK, 9am Wednesday”. I therefore got up at 7:30 (the earliest yet this week) especially for this. I went to the surgery and after several minutes of them searching their systems to try to find a trace of my appointment, they discovered that it had been booked for Thursday… Oh well. This meant that I got a reasonably early start to work as I had walked home by 9:10.

I spent the rest of the day working on our home cluster succeeding in upgrading virtually everything on it in an attempt to get samba working with windows 2000. I finally succeeded and then set up a test network with several domains and so on, to prove that we could use different networks for the office and home. It’s always nice when something you’ve been working on for a while works properly, although I’m sure we’ll have more problems in further days as this is the nature of computers…

In the evening, I went to Rachel Coward’s with lots of our ex youth-group and some other nice people. We had a top-rate evening with a candle-lit supper cooked by the remaining two Coward girls and then chocolate fondu. Following Rachel’s visit to a funeral director’s today there was about an hour-long talk about death and funerals which according to the “how to act in England” book in China, was one of the things you must not talk about over dinner. It didn’t feel strange anyway, especially as we were all Christians and I really cannot understand why anyone would want all these special coffins and fancy arrangements… it’s not like anyone’s going to see it anyway!

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