Traffic jams and google adverts

Sorry for the lack of update in the past few days.. I”ve not been particularly busy so there’s really no excuse for that.

On Thursday I went to my church’s 20-30 year olds group called Emmaus. This was good fun but we had to get back reasonably quickly so we couldn’t stay to go down the pub afterwards 🙁 Oh well always lots of time after evening church today! We looked at Acts 3 and 4.

On Friday, myself and my mother drove to see my grandparents. The journey there took about 1h20, which is pretty much average. The grandparents were fine – my grandfather seemed much improved after all of his drugs for Alzheimer’s. I took my grandmother shopping whilst my mother and grandfather cleaned the house. I then spent quite a long time showing them pictures from China. We left about 2:40, just in time to hit all of the traffic on the M25, so we took some shortcuts through Guildford which turned out to be even more congested! Oops! In the event the journey home took almost 3 hours.

On the way home we passed (at very low speed) a church which had a really good advert for the alpha course. It was a picture which looked remarkably like the google frontpage. The text in the box was something like “The meaning of life”, and the links along the bottom were “Read the Bible”, “Come to the Alpha course” etc. The title at the top was simply “Searching?”. It’s a relief to see the church finally doing some decent advertising.. I’m sure everyone can think of many cheesy adverts outside churches and I’m sure it doesn’t do anything to help people find Jesus.

Saturday was spent mostly reading and I spent some time in the office fixing the computers there. I also bought the Top Gun soundtrack – what an amazing CD! I’ve been learning to play some of the songs on there on my guitar, particularly the theme tune (which is very easy) and some of the Kenny Loggins stuff.

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