Upgrading bootstrap LESS files stored in a git repo

Since starting a project several months ago with bootstrap 3.2.0 I noticed that there’s a newer version. I’ve been editing the LESS files quite a bit and adding various bits of my own in and then recompiling into a single CSS file for the project. As this is all stored in a git repo it’s a bit difficult (and I wouldnt want all of the extra stuff and history) to just pull and update from the bootstrap repo. So, the easy way to upgrade:

cd bootstrap-repo
git pull
git diff v3.2.0..v3.3.1 less/ > ../less.patch
cd .. # (go to main project)
git apply --reject --directory=bootstrap/ less.patch

You’ll probably have a handful of rejects (check for *.rej files) – fix those as with any patch apply, recompile your LESS and you’re done plus you don’t have any of the bootstrap history left around.

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