The past few days and some links

It’s been a busy few days but I’ve not really been able to do much work! Yesterday I messed around quite a bit. In the evening I had a Bible study with Cheng-Shi which was very exciting and we ate togeather. After that, I met up with Ruth, Felicity, Serena and Jonathan from Emma and went to the Henry Martyn Trust meeting where we met other people who’d been away in far-flung places over the summer.

Today I had Greek Bible Study in the morning and then three lectures. The same lecturer gave all three so he must have thought I’d been stalking him, especially as one is meant for second years! In the afternoon I slept and read a little before going to Jesus’ Chapel to hear Patrick do a short talk – very good explanation of heaven and hell.

I’ve been asked to help lead on a weekend away for international students this weekend which should be good fun!

Here are some fun links I’ve seen the past few days: The Sacrament of Coffee. Also How to Become a Bishop.

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