Friends, tea-parties and Pride and Prejudice

I’ve not done any work for the past two days. Saturday was spent seeing friends – in the morning, I went to see Mary and her friend Zoe at Queens. I was in China with Mary so it was good to catch up with her again. On the way out I had a nice chat to my friend Andy Grenfelt who I’ve not seen for a while. I was then going to go on to a day about Christianity in France, but didn’t for a number of reasons. Instead, I went home and messed around until the Sidney/New Hall/Fitz international tea party at 3.

The tea-party was good fun, we had 3 people come, all from Sidney. I think it was the first time I’ve met a person from Lithuania – he’s a first year mathmo/compsci and seems very keen! After this, about 8 of us went out to see Pride and Prejudice at the cinema. I thought this new adaptation was quite well done especially for the modern audience, with whom the love vs. money dilemma is not as clear as to the original readers. We had dinner at Burger King because it was raining outside and none of us had bought our coats. Even having dinner did not stop the rain, so we got soaked as we walked home. Once we had dried off and changed etc, Tabs and I went to see Zishan and we had a good evening with him playing a strange Indian game (can’t remember the name) which is kind of a cross between pool and tiddlywinks but using draughts pieces. It was quite good fun, even though I was not very good at it.

Sunday morning I went to see my friend Toby get baptised at City church. When I arrived I discovered Alistare from Sidney was also getting baptised too, so that was good. I stayed around afterwards seeing loads of friends and then myself and Patrick stayed for the student meal. I went home and messed around for a few hours and then went to the Holy Trinity International Tea-party at a really nice house on Park Parade, overlooking Jesus Green. Cheng-shi came along to this and I also met a really nice Ugandan pastor called Kenneth and caught up with Min from Korea who I’ve not seen for ages.

After this, I went to Eden for the evening service where there was a Mexican dude speaking about the work his Christian charity does amongst street kids in poor places in Mexico. It sounded very good, although he did speak for quite a long time – he’s obviously very passionate!

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