Lectures, Locks and Food

Yesterday evening we all went out for a meal to celebrate Tabitha’s 22nd birthday. We went to a Singaporian restruant near to the Catholic church by Parker’s Piece. The food was very good and filling, but the waitresses were very unfriendly. We had asked for the party room upstairs but they said it was unavailable as there had been a party there the previous day and they couldn’t be bothered to clear it up.

Had a very busy day today – 4 lectures and 3 and a half hours of sitting in the library reading. The lectures were all good, and I’m really enjoying the 4 lectures I have about the history of the Jews between 200BC and 200 AD. I had my first Greek language paper which was really quite difficult. Basically the lecturer just read through the Greek of Mark, giving us a translation. He threw out notes about various grammatical constructions at such a speed that even if I had understood what he was talking about, I wouldn’t have been able to write half of them down. I met up with Anna during lectures and then went back to hers to have some lunch.

I then came home and was about to go to bed when I got a call from Tabs saying that Yumi had just come in from Norwich, so I went round to see her. She then phoned Ruth and we all met up and went back round to mine. Anna then came round and I cooked some egg fried rice with sweet and sour chicken. It was good to see all those guys again 🙂

After this, I went to CU where there were perhaps 10 people. We’ve started to study 1 Peter which is quite a fun book. After this, I decided to do my first laundry load of term and realised that I hadn’t got any more washing powder. I nipped over the road to Sainsburys and bought some, but when I came back I could not turn the lock on the black iron gate which guards the entrance to my staircase. I tried reaching behind to turn the lock, as I always do and finally tried putting the code in and kicking it. Eventually I got the porter to try to open it but he could not manage, and so he called out maintenance. After about 30 minutes they managed to open the gate by removing the lock… How strange.

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