Mmmm pizza!

Term started on Thursday, so I managed to spend about 7h on work – 6 of those in bed with my laptop and a pile of books; making notes and doing research etc. The other hour was running around the UL collecting books – I took my first 4 out which make me feel like a real 3rd year!

In the evening, I went to the Barn and met a really nice guy from Taiwan called Cheng-Shi. We chatted for the whole time about the Bible and he was very full of questions about Jesus and Christianity. About half-way through, Frank, a fellow taiwanese guy with whom I had spoken at some length about 6 months ago came in and helped explain some things in Chinese! He’s been going to some Bible Studies at StAG and seems to know a lot now. It was all very exciting. I also met lots of people I’d not seen in ages and Pablo, a Christian from Mexico, whom I had met at Eden (my church) on Sunday also came along. We had ‘International Dance’ evening which was really good fun and then we advertised Harry’s.

After the Barn had finished, we went to the 11pm showing at the ADC of the footlights’ latest production “Under the blue, blue moon”. Footlights is the Cambridge comedy society which has produced the likes of the Monty Python crew. There were some quite funny bits eg “Are you the man who’s stuck in the water pipe?”, but I don’t generally find things like that particularly funny and I was quite tired anyway.

Today, I spent most of the day in bed again, doing more research. I’ve discovered that the exact area I was going to do my dissertation on has already been covered by several people including one 300-page PhD thesis… D’oh. I also had a meeting about my Judaism and Helenism paper which sounds quite exciting. Even though it’s coursework, the topic areas are very broad and it covers a period from 200BC to 200AD.

In the afternoon, I went to the first Harry’s of term and spent the whole two hours talking to Cheng-Shi again! We’ll be meeting up to do some Bible study on Monday I think – he’s so full of questions! After Harry’s, 11 people came back to mine and we had some pizza 🙂


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