CCCF and formal hall

Didn’t really get upto much during the day of Monday. Harry’s prayer meeting, and then in the evening I went to the Cambridge Chinese Christian Fellowship (CCCF) to see Joel, Daniel and Katie; some of the guys I was in China with. It was quite a shock to go into the hall and see about 50 people there none of whom was white. We started off by having some lovely Chinese food and then had the meeting. It turns out rather strangely that they were to talk about China on that evening and so I had to say something as well. It was good to meet so many Christians from Malaysia and Singapore and see such a loving community.

Today I woke up early and went to Greek Bible study. Then had the usual morning of lectures and reading in the library. I came home and translated Mark 1 and 2 into English… I ended up with about 150 words which I need to learn. Oh dear.

In the evening, I went out to St. John’s college formal hall with Chris Rice, Patrick and Lauren (on my team in China). We were on the BA table which meant we got served first and got some nice extras. Starter was Avacado mashed with prawns and perhaps some salmon. It was actually quite nice. The main course was some Chicken, and then for pudding there was a very weird cake type thing with some morangue stuff on top. Chris’ friend and I had a race as to who could eat it fastest without the use of hands, which I won by about 2 seconds.

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