I’m still rolling on

Not really much new news from here – tending to get into a routine of not sleeping and being around kids most of the day. I’m actually pretty good at mornings now, although I doubt that will carry on much after the camp. I guess the jet-lag when I get home will fix it up for a few days though. Got some new team members – a guy called Leon and his girlfriend called Pinkey; both of whom are Chinese and will study abroad. Leon was on one of these camps a few years ago and lives in Guangzho and wants to help out, which is cool. His body doesn’t seem to have adjusted to our schedule yet though, and he’s sharing a room with me so I seem ot be wakinghim up when I come in about 11:30ish and when I get up at 6ish.

Yesterday being Sunday, we did the usual. Had a full day of teaching and so on but found some time in the afternoon to sing some well known songs and look at a well known book. Some people from the camp were interested and came along, and by popular demand we did similar today with some teachers and the chinese organizer of this camp coming along and being very interested to find out more about us. Everyone around the campus is saying how different this camp is from previous years and are interested in why. Have had many long English conversations with people.

This afternoon I was just lazing around ‘supervising’ swimming, which just supervises itself. Managed to get some time to read my GNT which has been rather neglected of late. Also been learning quite a lot of Chinese. I cannot pronounce it or remember the sound of words, but I’m getting quite good at remembering the characters. Ruth seems to be getting quite good at the speaking side of things, and so we sound be set for the travel side of things afterwards.

Apologies for the lack of postcards, but the Chinese don’t seem to believe in them. I have not spied any on our travels around China and we have done a lot of travel. When we near Beijing, thre will doubtless be some but perhaps I will just have some of my photos printed off and write on the back of them…

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