sweet sweat

Lunch was very nice as always and got about 50 min of nap.. was really tired this morning for some reason. All the kids were knackered too. Afternoon supervisions went ok as well although sitting outside on the balcony was very sweaty. It’s always very humid here , however it seemed to be moreso this afternoon meaning that the body sweats a lot more. Chinese people do too and no-one seems that bothered about it, but for us westerners it is very strange. Then, we went swimming for about an hour, but at the threat of rain and the drop in temperature (very cold; must have been almost reaching 25…) the kids scarpered and we were forced to abandon the pool too… So, I went to play badminton for 30 min with Wayne (A Chinese helper from the company) and Roger (my absolutely amazing Chinese teacher). Turned out that it comes back quite quickly so I was almost back to full speed after 30 minutes of playing it. However, I have never sweated so much in my life. Forced to take my thin t-shirt off half-way through and had to wipe my hand and raquet after every serve and when I’d finished I was dripping as if I had just come out of the shower… Ming. Anyway, off to the recycled fashion show now.. Apparently I’m the person my class will be dressing up… The joy… Hopefully be able to put some photos of things up in the next few days as the internet here has improved somewhat.

Thunder storms

Last night we had a nice time watching Home Alone. I’d not seen it before, and it was very funny even if it was made for younder children. The kids absolutely loved it. However, during this a massive thunder storm had gathered, with a tropical downpour. It was probably the largest flood I’d ever seen however pretty moderate by Chinese standards. I was soaked to the bone after about 30 seconds of standing outside and lightening continued to flash til daybreak around the mountains which surround this area. Apparently we’re in for this for the next few days as well, which should be fun.

This morning, although the actual thunder and lightening had ceased for a few hours, it seemed to have energized the classes to be even more wild than usual. All the teachers are rather tired and all the classes are now bored of English and just want to mess around with each other. Even bribary with sweets is no longer quite as effective. Ah well, adapt and improvise.