You only die twice

The past few days have remained as hectic as ever over here. Yesterday was a non-teaching day but was still hard work as we ha to get the class to prepare things to do for the tallent show and the closing ceremony. In the evening, we had a murder mystery in which I was killed whilst attempting to kill Katie Liu. I had to lie outside dying for 20 minutes before I was allowed to resurrect. Lost a t-shirt to the tomato source… However, the children were not veyr nice to my corpse – I really don’t want to die around those children (although sometimes I think they will be the death of me). Several thought I was not really dead and so they poked my in the stomach, and one jumped on my fingers to make sure that I was not really dead. The worst feeling was the mosquitos which I could feel were sucking my blood (even though I’d put DEET on) but I couldn’t move to kill them. Later that evening, we had to reenact the murder so I was killed by Katie twice in the same evening.

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  1. Nice to see that the kids are looking after you well, just the sort of thing a younger brother would do. We found the long lost Age of Empires 2 CD so we can have a game of that if you get back.

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