Easily switch between KVM and VirtualBox virtual machines

I’ve done quite a bit of development recently in Android and also been working with a client who has a local virtual environment using Oracle/Sun’s VirtualBox vm. So, I found myself switching between the two platforms quite frequently which unfortunately requires removing and reinstalling kernel modules. So, I wrote the below shell script to switch between the two platforms. Simply put in a directory in $PATH (for me I always have ~/bin as a directory there for my user-local scripts) and call the script something like switch_vm. Use it like:

switch_vm virtualbox
switch_vm kvm

Here’s the script:


if [ "$VM" = "kvm" ]; then
    sudo rmmod vboxpci vboxnetflt vboxnetadp vboxdrv
    sudo modprobe kvm_intel

if [ "$VM" = "virtualbox" ]; then
    sudo rmmod kvm_intel kvm
    for i in vboxdrv vboxpci vboxnetflt vboxnetadp; do
        sudo modprobe $i

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