Easily dumping sample data from any database

Following on from my previous post on the wonders of perl’s DBIx::Class::Schema::Loader, after you have dumped the schema using either the perl scripts provided or the dbicdump commandline tool, you can easily dump the first few rows of each table in JSON using the following very simple perl script:

use Parts::Schema;
use JSON;
my $dbic = Parts::Schema->connect('dbi:Pg:...', USER, PASSWORD);
my %data;
for my $source ($dbic->sources) {
    my $rs =
    $data{$source} = [
        map +{ $_->get_inflated_columns }, $dbic->resultset($source)->search({}, { rows => 10 })
print encode_json( \%data );

To dump the whole table simply remove that rows => 10 bit (although as it loads each table into memory and keeps it there before dumping I wouldn’t advise this!)

Alternatively for a NoSQL database like MongoDB:

use MongoDB;
use JSON;
my $db =MongoDB::MongoClient->new(XXX)->get_database(XXX);
my %data;
$data{$_} = [ $db->get_collection($_)->query->limit(10)->all ] for $db->collection_names;
print encode_json( \%data )

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