Spent Friday and Saturday mostly in bed feeling rotten. Oh well it’s been good to listen to some sermons and I’ve read a fair amount of Greek as well. Have done some vaguely interesting stuff though. Friday afternoon I was feeling bored so I chatted to Tabs for a bit and we then went out to see the illumanated manuscripts thingie at the Fitz museum which was very good. Bumped into Dave Mac along the way and he came with us. I then went to Harry’s and the formal hall afterwards which was in aid of Children in Need and hence had fishfingers and so on.. Not too nice, in fact some combination of that and being ill made me want to throw up.

I then went round to see Sue in Sidney because she organised a get togeather of all the Christians in college. Couldn’t stay long as I wasn’t feeling too well and also wanted to go and see Richard for a little bit.

Saturday evening I went to my wife’s (Lydia) party which was quite good fun although less wild than in previous years. I met her friend Truc from the states who had come over and seemed really nice. Also had a good catch up with some of the choir people who I’d not seen in a while. Anyway it’s midnight and I’ve been sleeping a lot today so I think I’ll go off and do some work now.

A boring day but some good links

Spent today in bed generally feeling groggy, although did get up to go to lunch with a friend and get some books out of the libaries for my dissertation and other essays. Just lay in bed most of the day listening to sermons and then watched Die Hard this evening; always a good film!

I’ve found or been sent several good links today:
What a job – searching through dinasaur faeces to find grass…
Bishops requesting changing the dates of the synod so they can watch the football.
A more serious letter from evangelical archbishops to the archbish of Canterbury.

Some advertisments

The rock gospel choir that I’m in will be having a concert a week on Monday; which everyone needs to come along to. It’s at the West Road Concert Hall on 28th November at 7:30pm and costs £3. We had a really good rehursal last night and as anyone who’s ever been to a rev concert will tell you; they rock!

Also I’ve just updated the ISEC website so if you know of anyone interested in a free trip to China in the summer; point them there!

I also finished an essay on Mark’s account of the stilling of the storm. I’ve spent the rest of the day working on an essay on the transfiguration, and also doing a little bit of reading about Greek views of the afterlife for my coursework.

I’ve also just found a rather strange article about a type of lemur which has been named after John Cleese. Can this world get any weirder?