A boring day but some good links

Spent today in bed generally feeling groggy, although did get up to go to lunch with a friend and get some books out of the libaries for my dissertation and other essays. Just lay in bed most of the day listening to sermons and then watched Die Hard this evening; always a good film!

I’ve found or been sent several good links today:
What a job – searching through dinasaur faeces to find grass…
Bishops requesting changing the dates of the synod so they can watch the football.
A more serious letter from evangelical archbishops to the archbish of Canterbury.

Some advertisments

The rock gospel choir that I’m in will be having a concert a week on Monday; which everyone needs to come along to. It’s at the West Road Concert Hall on 28th November at 7:30pm and costs £3. We had a really good rehursal last night and as anyone who’s ever been to a rev concert will tell you; they rock!

Also I’ve just updated the ISEC website so if you know of anyone interested in a free trip to China in the summer; point them there!

I also finished an essay on Mark’s account of the stilling of the storm. I’ve spent the rest of the day working on an essay on the transfiguration, and also doing a little bit of reading about Greek views of the afterlife for my coursework.

I’ve also just found a rather strange article about a type of lemur which has been named after John Cleese. Can this world get any weirder?

Friends, Work and Relaxation

Had another really busy weekend. On Friday night, Rosalind came up from London to meet up with me and Patrick, and we all went to St. John’s formal hall after Harry’s. It was good to see her again, and she seems to be getting on quite well in London.. Still living with my auntie Jean until December.

On Saturday afternoon, Andy Chiang came over from Hong Kong to spend a few days in Cambridge. He came to church with me on Sunday and gave a short talk to the students trying to recruit people for people to come to China next summer. We also discussed the future of the China trip and had a good time of chat. I’ve been chosen to co-ordinate the whole of the UK/US side of things, which sounds pretty scary but basically involves delegation from what I’ve heard.

Had a good film night on Saturday after some technical issues we watched the Bourne Identity which was really good. Also had a China meeting in the other room at the same time so I was nipping between the rooms. Harry’s on Friday was also good although there seem to be very few blokes around.

Work-wise I had two really good supervisions on Friday. The first was about the essay I wrote on Mark which was the first time I’ve ever been told that I’ve written too much – I must really be an artist now. The second was with Peter Head about my dissertation and it was a really productive time; somehow neither of us really had much of a clue about the internal features of the Psalms of Solomon but by talking it through I have quite a few new research leads and interpretation ideas which I don’t think anyone else has written down about it. Time will tell though; I guess. This week I think I’m mainly going to be trying to write the 5000 words of argument about the Psalms of Solomon but I’m also half way through an essay on Mark’s account of the stilling of the storm and have got another commentary or two to write before next week.

Anyway I have to be up in about 6 hours time for early-morning Greek, so I’d best go now!

Cooooool – play Risk with Google Maps…

Wow – the only proper use of Google maps: a Risk game. It’s still a bit flaky but could turn out to be really cool. Imagine multi-player and some better representation of people. This again shows some of the features of “AJAX”; although why this has suddenly caught on is a mystery to me as the technology has been around in decent browsers for years.

In other news, I spent yesterday at lectures and doing work etc. Had a nice meet-up with Cheng-shi – he’s going travelling around England this next week apparently. I went to CU (well the Bible study part anyway) and saw Crells again – not seen him in a while. Toby came round to spend the night on my floor. Just a usual day with not much happening…

A boring week and a hectic weekend

Sorry I’ve been really lame with updating this week – I didn’t think my week was particularly exciting; mostly work and so on. However, this weekend was really busy, so I didn’t get a chance to do an update until now.

The only particularly notable event of the week happened on Wednesday evening in CU. I lent my Bible to a second year who’s been to CU once or twice before and I just knew her name really. She somehow looked at the front page, where I’d written my name, gasped and exclaimed “So YOU’RE Mark Zealey!”. Apparently I’m famous somehow…

Anyway, on Friday evening I went to Harry’s as per usual, although there were not many internationals there. I then went home and cooked some scones to see how the recipe worked – they tasted gooood. At about 9, I went round to Widge’s and met the guys from Oxford who were in China with us. We sat around chatting and generally catching up until 23:15 whereupon we went down to the bus station to see if the American girls were arriving on that bus. It turned out that we guessed correctly and they were rather surprised to see us as they stepped off the bus – so surprised in fact that one of them almost left a bag on the bus! We chatted until about 1am and then went our separate ways.

On Saturday, we spent the day in Cambridge. In the morning, I organised a punting trip and we then went to Jesus caf for some brunch. The girls showed us a picture of the “traditional English Breakfast” which they had had on the plane, but it looked nothing like a normal breakfast so we thought we should enlighten them. I had to dash home to give Nat some directions around Cambridge (He’d visited for the day and was going to meet with another friend). I then made some more scones whilst some people went to have a look around several colleges.

We all met up again in the market place and spent some time perusing the stalls and shops around there before coming back to mine for some afternoon tea with scones etc. I then ran off to my friend Lisa’s baptism for a few hours and then rejoined people at the fireworks. The baptism was really good – Lisa is a really lovely Chinese girl who came to Christ a few years ago and is now involved in Christian work amongst internationals in Cambridge.

We all met up at the fireworks, including Nat and Rachel who had also been in China although on the “American” team. The fireworks themselves were amazing, and we had lovely weather for them. This year’s display seemed a little patchy in places – there were several gaps and I’m sure some sort of music would have improved it tremendously, although for a free display it was very good.

After the fireworks; we all went to Newnham where a dedicated team of chefs had been working for most of the afternoon to produce us some amazing Chinese dishes – props to Katie, Daniel and Joel; just call them if you need Chinese catering! We had a little worship session around 12:30 and then went to bed for a few hours.

In the morning, we all went to our various different churches with most of the non-Cambridgeites coming to Eden. Cheng-shi also came along. We all went out for some lunch afterwards at the Cambridge Arms just at the back of Sidney. I’d not realised before, but it was actually quite a nice pub and served very cheap food. We then went back to Widge’s and played some settlers. At 5 we went to StAG for the service in which Katie (a girl from HK who was on our team in China) got baptised. It was very funkey. After that, we said good bye to the Oxford types (who almost missed their bus back); and went to Sidney formal hall. After this, we went back to my room and sat around chatting etc until midnight or so.

On Monday, I went to London with Lillian and Lindsay. We met up with Lillian’s friend there who took us to Buckingham palace for the changing of the guard and then walked to Trafalgar square for lunch on the steps of the National Gallery. After this we walked to the Houses of Parliament and along the river a little. We then went to the British Museum, which was really good although the NT section was closed. I had a little read of the Rosetta stone’s Greek but didn’t get too far.. spaces would really have made the thing easier to read! We came back just in time for the Chinese Christian Fellowship meal and then an awesome sermon by Eden’s very own Marvin. After that, I went to bed at 10 because I was so tired, although I hear from Ruth that several people stayed up with the girls until they left at 3:45 for Gatewick.

Today being Tuesday I got up at 7 for Greek Bible study, but after that I ended up sleeping for the morning and finally just doing work in the afternoon. I’ve been reading books about Mark’s account of the stilling of the storm (Mark 4:35-41) and hopefully I’ll write an essay on it tomorrow. In the evening, Sarah, the CU rep came over and we had a nice chat about CU and China (she had been there in the summer as a tourist). Ruth came over shortly after Sarah had left and we chatted for a while.