Friends, Work and Relaxation

Had another really busy weekend. On Friday night, Rosalind came up from London to meet up with me and Patrick, and we all went to St. John’s formal hall after Harry’s. It was good to see her again, and she seems to be getting on quite well in London.. Still living with my auntie Jean until December.

On Saturday afternoon, Andy Chiang came over from Hong Kong to spend a few days in Cambridge. He came to church with me on Sunday and gave a short talk to the students trying to recruit people for people to come to China next summer. We also discussed the future of the China trip and had a good time of chat. I’ve been chosen to co-ordinate the whole of the UK/US side of things, which sounds pretty scary but basically involves delegation from what I’ve heard.

Had a good film night on Saturday after some technical issues we watched the Bourne Identity which was really good. Also had a China meeting in the other room at the same time so I was nipping between the rooms. Harry’s on Friday was also good although there seem to be very few blokes around.

Work-wise I had two really good supervisions on Friday. The first was about the essay I wrote on Mark which was the first time I’ve ever been told that I’ve written too much – I must really be an artist now. The second was with Peter Head about my dissertation and it was a really productive time; somehow neither of us really had much of a clue about the internal features of the Psalms of Solomon but by talking it through I have quite a few new research leads and interpretation ideas which I don’t think anyone else has written down about it. Time will tell though; I guess. This week I think I’m mainly going to be trying to write the 5000 words of argument about the Psalms of Solomon but I’m also half way through an essay on Mark’s account of the stilling of the storm and have got another commentary or two to write before next week.

Anyway I have to be up in about 6 hours time for early-morning Greek, so I’d best go now!

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