Formal hall. Mmmmm

Had quite a hard few days work-wise (ie I’ve actually been doing some). However, it’s not all been work – last night I had a good time at a formal hall at Pembroke with some of the guys I was in China with: Daniel, Katies and Lauren. The meal was really nice, starting with some toast with cheese and bits of chicken on top and some salad, and then the main course of lamb with a wonderful source and some vegetables that looked suspiciously like those from the sainsburies freezers. We then had a really wonderful pudding of apple and blackcurrent. Mmmmmm. The only downside was that the hall was relatively expensive, but that doesn’t really matter.

I’ve been thinking recently as I’ve been reading some really old commentaries, about how language changes and how it will change. Over the past 150 years, English has changed a little bit, mostly with the past tenses of some words switching to be shorter. With the rise of modern computers with spell-checkers though, I suppose that our words are standardised in such a way that they won’t be mutating as quickly, if at all. I wonder if this means that we’ll carry on writing words in traditional forms but move to new pronunciations, or whether the language will itself change slower because of the computers dictating the spelling of it. Either way, I suppose the vocabulary can change and mutate, but that seems to happen slower in a language than internal modifications of words… Random.

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