Like Totally Bodacious

Went to Eden on Sunday morning as per usual. The sermon was all about how we should be crying for the needs of the world; which was quite challenging. I crashed HT lunch afterwards and then spent the afternoon with friends and then had a nice sleep. In the evening, I had agreed to take some people from City church to formal at Sidney because there was a large group trip organised. That was great fun, good to get to know some more Christians in Cambridge. Afterwards, about 20 of us squeezed into my room because all the other rooms in college were full. I managed to advertise the Revelation concert and also ISEC (the free trip to China in the summer). Several people were very interested in the latter. I think I must have got to bed about midnight, but I wasn’t particularly tired so I did some translation.

I spent most of Monday in bed being absolutely shattered from my cold. Translated two or three chapters of Mark’s gospel and did a little reading for essays. Went to CCCF in the evening and then watched “Bill and Ted” which is a “like totally bodacious” film!

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