You only die twice… again!

So last night we did the murder mystery night again, although this time I was killed by the camp director, Ben. The story for our murder went that we were in a boy band togeather and I was much more popular than he was so he suffocated me. As before, we had to act this out twice so I’ve now died four times on this camp – perhaps getting close to what Paul called “dying to myself each day”. Got rather confused about lessons this morning so need to sort that out. I’ve prepared them all, but somehow my schedule has become rather messed up. This afternoon we’re just watching a film I think, which will be a welcome rest. Lots of the parents of the HK kids came yesterday which was quite scary, although they seemed generally satisfied with the camp so far and what their children had learnt. Apparently we’re having the 5 days of debriefing on Hainan island – a tropical resort near to HK before we fly back to HK and then on to Shanghai. Can’t wait… 🙂

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