the last few days

Not really much to note in the last two days; just teaching more English and having troubles with my rowdy class – I have the 5 main trouble-makers all in my class and so it’s really quite hard to keep control. Yesterday I did badminton and party games rather than the art afternoon activity, and it was good to get some more practice at badminton. I used to like it a lot as a child and I was quite good, I managed to beat everybody yesterday and remembered a lot that I had last practiced when I was 14. Unfortunately, at the end as I was playing my last match I lost my balence slightly and slid along the floor. In most gyms this would not be a problem, however in this gym there are random metal bars covering some of the joins in the floor, some of which have slightly jagged metal bits coming out of them. I was playing bare-foot as sports shoes are far too hot when playing in weather which is already 35ish, and sandles don’t work well, so I skinned quite a large area of my right foot. Fortunately there was no blood drawn but it was very very painful and is still painful to walk on today. Oh well!

Today we had a Meeting, this being a special day and invited many people, perhaps 15 coming with only one teacher. They seemed to really like the western style of meeting and I gave a short presentation about John’s way, truth and life. Many people are very inteterested and keep asking us many questions, the teacher said that it was a time of peace in the midst of the chaos that is the school day here and begged that we have this meeting each day.

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