Prompt before opening an external link in AngularJS

On a recent project of creating an Angular app which would be both a website and a cordova-packaged app, we had a number of links which opened to external websites (terms and conditions, links to some process flows which couldn’t be contained within the app, etc). However because some of the branding on the sites was very similar to the app itself some test users were getting confused about whether they were still in the app, or had been redirected into a browser.

Because of these issues the client wanted us to create a small popup for some external links that would prompt the user to see if they wanted to move off the site/app. Below is a small angular directive that does this. Usage like:

<a href="https://..." target=_blank prompt-before-open="Do you want to go to an external web page?">...</a>

app.directive('promptBeforeOpen', function($window) {
    return {
        link: function(scope, elem, attr) {
            $(elem).click(function(event) {
                if( !$window.confirm( attr.promptBeforeOpen ) )

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