Scrolling back in kde console history with shift plus page-up via the number pad

I’ve just got a nice new laptop which is a bit wider than my previous one and so has a number pad on the right hand side. Because I don’t need another set of numbers I have ended up using the end/home/page up/page down keys quite a bit as to use them elsewhere you have to combine with the function key. However when trying to scroll back in the kde terminal (konsole) you need to do shift-page up or shift-page down but trying this combination of keys only displayed the numbers. Fortunately I found an option buried in the KDE keyboard setup that lets you keep this – go to Keyboard Settings -> Advanced and then ‘Miscellaneous compatibility options’. Tick the ‘Shift with numeric keypad keys works as in MS Windows’ and you’re done. While you’re at it you can also disable caps lock or change it to be something like escape by looking under the ‘Caps Lock key behaviour’ option in the menu.

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