Back to Beijing

I’m now in Beijing. The overnight train ride was the longest train ride I’ve ever been on, weighing in at just under 17 hours. I slept for a lot of that time as I had a bed – praise God, and I also made conversation for a few hours with a police lawyer who is at college in Beijing, read most of Romans and talked to several other random people. I’ve got internet in my (quite expensive – £10/day) hotel room in Beijing, so I should start putting pictures up soon and back-dating my blog with entries about what’s actually been happening in China this year.

I’ve just added 50 photos from our travels so far, so have a look here: china2006/travel/

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  1. Hello Mark. My grandmother was Lilian Florence Zealey. I am a mad Zealey researcher and I have not come across your name before. Are you able to tell me from which Zealey line you originate. Thanks Helen, South Australia. By the way – love the photos.

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