Cambridge :-)

Now that I’m back in Cambridge, I seem to have the opposite problem with my blog: I’m so busy seeing everyone that I don’t have any free time! Friday, I spent most of the time with Ruth; and similarly on Saturday we started to do some work. Sunday, I went to church as usual, and then in the afternoon, Vera, Natalie, Patrick and Chris Rice came over for some afternoon tea. On Monday, I worked, and also saw Tabs, David, Rachel and Christina. In the evening I went over to Ben’s for a nice catch-up as I’ve not seen him in about 3 months. I also had a supervision with Carlton-Padget on the authorship, location and date of Mark’s gospel. The rest of the week has also been spent working, although lots of other people have popped round to say hi. I went out for a meal with the CU last night too, and it was good to spend some time bonding with the CU guys. We’re going to be doing Genesis 1-12 in Bible Study this term, which is always quite fun.

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