Posters! Big Issue! Dissertation…

Sitting in my room and listening to the competing cries of the Big Issue seller (“Buy my Big Issue to show I don’t smell”) and the Poster Crier (“Turn your delapodated room into a Cistine chapel”), I managed to do some work on my dissertation this afternoon. I arose at 6:30 this morning to have Greek Bible study with Patrick and Angela. We then had a large breakfast in hall, and then I mostly messed around with paper work and putting the final touches to my wonderful, large room. I also wrote a short article about china for my college.

Yesterday was spent visiting more people that I havn’t seen in ages and generally messing around on my guitar and so on. In the evening, I went out for a Harry’s team meal where we discussed what we would do this term.

I’ve also just discovered my new timetable for this term, which is really good – I have 5 lectures spread between Tuesday and Wednesday! Wooo! 5 day weekend… something like that at any rate 🙂

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