Quick update

Hello there, sorry for the absence of bloggidge for the past few days, there was a typhon warning on the night of the 12th so we stayed up all night phoning parents and cleaning the classrooms. The camp was meant to finish on the 14th but the ShenZhen government ordered that all children at summer camps must be evacuated home to their parents. More about the typhoon to follow with some pictures as well but it was very exciting.

We spent a day in Shen Zhen after the typhoon hit and went shopping in the center, it’s amazing to see the shops there, almost like the middle of London or some other big city but with lots of indoor electronics markets where you could but any electronic device in the world. I bought a tripod for my camera (70rmb, 5ukp), a 128mb usb memory card for the same price and some memory for my camera for 10ukp – all very good deals compared to the prices in the UK.

The day after, we spent the day with the American team, catching up on old friends and had a Meeting which was really good. We then went to the airport and flew to Hainan which is a tropical island on the south of China with wonderfully sandy beaches where we have spent an eventful few days and had much fun on the beaches and in the city nearby. I will write more about this when time permits. Tomorrow we fly back to Shen Zhen (only 9 of us remain here, the other 20 or so left at 6am this morning). Myself, Ruth and Anna will then be staying in Shen Zhen for a night with our friend James’ brother and then flying to Shanghai to meet Yang and family on the 21st. There is much more to write but right now I need to go and pack before our wakeup call at 5:30 am tomorrow morning.

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