May week…

Yay has been lovely and summery here for the past few days. Sunday, Zishan and myself went to Jesus Green for a few hours – there were loads of people down there mostly from Holy Trinity and Eden, joined later by some StAG. HT had got permission for a bouncy castle and Zish bought his guitar so we had a bit of a mess around. Also played some Frisbee and French-cricket. All in all a nice way to spend the day even though it was very hot (I heard it reached upto 34 here although to me it seemed more like 30-32 region). After church in the evening I went out for a meal with Ellie, Rachel, Alastair, Abi and Christina (Some of the Sidney 1st year Christians) at Bella Pasta – deja vu from being there at the same time the week before for Heather’s party! Got back about midnight because the service was very slow and watched “Back to the Future” for the first time – what an amazing film!

Monday I got up about 9:30 and met up with the ISEC guys – was good to see them all; next time we are all togeather we shall be in HK! Then went to Helen’s 21st at Newnham. It was really nice to see lots of the Newnham girls that I’ve not kept in contact with this term, and also a lot of the Theologians were there. Went straight from there to Corpus for a meeting about their mayball (which I shall be working at on Friday) and then I bought some juggling balls and various other things and went back home. Tried to sleep but couldn’t so I just practised my juggling and so on. About 4:30 I thought it would be cool to bleach my hair again because I was feeling bored with it. I’d tried to get it all shaved off earlier in the day, in preparation for China. However, the queue was really long and I didn’t really want to pay £10 when in HK you can pay about 10-20p and probably get a nice massage thrown in too! Anyway, I bleached my hair and then suddenly remembered that I left all my gel at home! D’oh. Ran out to the shops and gelled it up and then ran to Emma for 6pm for a workers briefing.

Emma mayball was really good. I love just being able to work at these things and you get to know the other workers quite well, and also get to chat to the guests that you know. As I seem to know most people in Emma and lots of Sidney people were there too, I spent a long time just chatting. I was meant to be a “Fire Steward” however unlike what I recall of Sidney last year where John gave everyone a good site tour and safety briefing, had there been a fire I would not have known what to do. None of the committee seemed really to know what was meant to happen so we were told to just “stop anyone from smoking and here are the fire extinguishers and fire exits”. Ah well good thing that there wasn’t a fire I guess! The magician was really good although it wasn’t really traditional magic as such – he was jumping on broken glass, banging nails and screwdrivers into his head, swallowing swords, escaping from strait jackets and the like. The Emma mayball was quite good fun – the dodgems had pulled out at the last minute and the queue for the ferris-wheel was always about an hour long. There wasn’t as much food as I seem to recall there being at Sidney last year and they seemed to have had a lot of problems with acts dropping out of their schedule. There were some fun things like sumo wrestling, a human gyroscope and a sort of bouncy castle wrestling match (sorry, Serena!), and they did carry on throughout the night. However you would think that they could have scheduled the Ceilidh in a larger venue. Serena and I went there but there really was no space to move and even after they started implementing a one-in, one-out policy the small room was jam-packed. The broken glass on the floor didn’t help matters either especially as all of the ladies tried to take off their high-heals. Ellie got glass in her foot and I’m sure a good many more people did as well. Wandered around Cambridge with Ruth, Nat, Tom and Ed until 7:30 when I went to Greek Bible study only to find that it had been changed to 9am. Went back home and went to bed about 8:30 and got up at 1:30 feeling quite refreshed. All in all a quite enjoyable night!

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  1. Hey Stranger!
    Its been a while srry we haven’t been able to talk much. It just seems like I’m never mentally here most of the time when we talk. I just wnated to drop in and say hi and I whis you a good trip to China! I heart you!
    your Califronia girl,

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